DAY 16 - CA

Well today wasn't so bad. Had a nice swim in the super 8 pool pictured above. Only about 3.5 more hours down the 5 and we even stopped to have our fortunes told by a wise Chinese establishment. We got home and watered the plants but feeling pretty lazy and don't feel like cleaning the rig so we've been drinking some of these left over beers and catching up on HBO's True Detective. It was a great trip and I'm thankful for all the memories. 2,913 miles total.


DAY 15 - CA

Today sucked. Hungover pretty bad and the trip is closing. We drove.. well briana did most the driving today  until I gave up on the 5 and retreated to a super 8. After spending almost all our time on scenic byways and thru forest, hammering down an interstate that is scarred by drought and smells like rotten cow is really depressing.


DAY 14 - CA

Today is the day that sparked this whole adventure. Our buds Coral + Marc are getting hitched! We chilled in Mendocino town a bit and then let Scout go crazy at the beach. The wedding was so rad, the ceremony was so natural and full of love on the beach surrounded by nature friends and family, then after a killer paella we all watched the sunset, had a bonfire and fuegas artificiales. It was a great day and it was the perfect pinnacle to this 2 week adventure. Briana and I have shared so many good times with our new pup, saw friends we haven't seen in a while and experienced so many new things.


DAY 13 - OR, CA

Woke up and had a little continental breakfast. Then put our trust in Apple maps without a physical forest map to get us through Mendocino national forest rather than drive all the way around on highways. It was a long 2.5hr un-maintained connection of forestry trails some kinda gnarly. Scout got car sick, we saw lots of deer and one person. When we finally hit pavement it was like ice skating! Soon enough we pulled thru Covelo and got lunch. Eventually we made it to Fort Bragg and meet up with Coral, Marc and families and had dinner.


DAY 12 - OR

Woke up to an awesome view in Mt Ashland, Moved on and got some chorizo. Then got rid of the chorizo in Shasta. Drove to McCloud and went for a chill hike and saw some kick ass falls. Next we drove to redding it was hot as fuk we ate falafel and decided to retreat to a super 8. Currently drinking scotch and watching horders.... Stay tuned for more.

*update* we got the munchies and tried walking thru the taco bell drive thru at 11:59 but they closed at 12 so no luck there. Then raided the chip aisle at chevron.