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Nailz and I bought a new van recently, a 2001 E250 Sportsmobile. Its got the penthouse w/ bed, couch that converts to bed, fridge / freezer, stovetop, 17 gal water tank, awning and tons of other cool storage and stuff.

With a 3 day weekend we decided to camp out at Remington hot springs on the kern river. We took our time and drove from Los Angeles up to Mojave and stopped for some views in RedRock canyon. From There we hopped on 178 west to Lake Isabella. We spent the weekend camping, hiking and soaked a bit in the hotsprings

On our way home we detoured in california city and explored some of the sand roads and then headed home. Aside from the bad crowd it was a good trip, Had some nice hikes, ate well and got to test out our new rig. The SMB made camping so kushy. It drives really well im super stoked on it.







In case your van is too loaded with booze, broads and bikes check out Polers LeTent Get elevated.



Saturday night 8pm in Los Angeles and our apt has no AC, its like a pizza oven in this summer heat. My girl suggests we go sleep in Angeles Forest. We packed up dinner, grabbed a bundle of wood and some beer and headed up Angels Crest highway. We found an open campsite and got a fire going and ate dinner then spent the rest of the night drinking beers, star gazing and just having a good time together. 

Waking up when you arrive to a camp site in the dark is always exciteing. Along our road trip to chicago we rollied into a lot of camprounds late at night. When we  would wake up we were blown away having no expectation or even refrence of what youd see, its a great feeling. After enjoying alittle sunrise and nature noises we made our way back home stopping to chack out a little bit of the rincon trail along the way. It was a great night with my main squeeze, I am one lucky guy. Queue Sammy Johns "Chevy Van"