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As some of you may know I sold my 76 4x4 Pathfinder Chevy a year ago. Nailz and I had so many good times in that van it was really hard to see it go. It's taken us to so many great places, introduced us to new people and most important kept us close together. Thanks for the memories! Iroquois tears forever.

We decided on a newer van, a 2001 Ford E250 Sportsmobile but something was missing for the past year...4x4! It has all the sportsmobile toys and now is more capable offroad Thanks to an Agile Offroad TTB 4x4 conversion, 4.11 gears, 285/75/16 KO2's on Method Hole wheels, ARB twin compressor / rear locker and Agile's 48 gal tank . It really makes camping and daily driving much more comfy and dependable. 

The two vehicles seem to be completely different but the core value is the same "a rolling room" I chose to transition to a more modern van for many reasons but the aesthetics of the older vans are my favorite. I love the look and body lines of the older vans and especially the interiors of the survivor vans. I think the thing that first draws people to vanning is the cool custom murals and the wild interiors. But soon you realize its a total lifestyle but a very wide ranged one. What really makes vanning cool is individuality so weather your rolling a survivor mid 70s Dodge or a 2015 E250 built to travel the world its the functionality of the van and the people they bring together that make vannin so special. Keep an open mind stay positive and be cool man. Vanning is never what you think it should be and thats its magic.

Heres some pictures of our now 4x4 Ford E250.

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